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For over sixty years, Biddulph's amateur dramatic society has tread the boards and entertained the people of Biddulph with their productions. You can join us! Whether you wish to act in a production yourself, or help backstage, visit the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

158 - Lord Arthur Saville's Crime (2008)

Based on a short story by OSCAR WILDE
Lord Arthur is to be married, and his future mother-in-law, who rather disapproves of him, gets a famous palmist to read his palm to discover any skeletons in his cupboard.
Warned by the fortune teller that he will commit a murder, Lord Arthur determines to do it before he marries.
This proves to be harder than he had thought and after a number of failed attempts, with the aid of a foreign anarchist and his faithful butler, Baines, a surprising revelation comes to light, which results in a satisfying if not an immediate happy ending.

(This is the second time we performed this play. The first time was in 1994)

Baines - Graham Bond
Lord Arthur Savile - Andrew Dixon
Sybil Merton - Angela Mclachlan
The Dean Of Paddington - John Gilman
Lady Windermere - Anne Pope
Lady Clementina Beauchamp - Doris Page
Lady Julia Merton - Delaine Wood
Mr Podgers - David Weatherall
Nellie - Liz Howle
Herr Winkelkoff - Leigh Colclough

Robert Pope

Stage Manager - Eric Frost
Prompt - Hilary Hampton
Set Designer - Graham Bond
Lighting Designer - John Gilman & Paul Deane
Lighting Technician - Tim Hampton
Sound Technician - Paul Deane
Properties - Jill Hackney & Sarah Deane
Wardrobe - Anne Pope
Furnishings - Margaret Byrne
Artwork Posters/Tickets/Programme - Laura Bond
Front Of House - Ken Tunstall, Brian Fitchford & Team
Refreshments - Sheila Tunstall, Shirley Fitchford & Team
Sweets - Pat Gilman
Fire Officer - Robert Pope

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