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Welcome to the Biddulph Players Website!
For over sixty years, Biddulph's amateur dramatic society has tread the boards and entertained the people of Biddulph with their productions. You can join us! Whether you wish to act in a production yourself, or help backstage, visit the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

167 - Cinderella (2013)

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166 - Happy Campers (2013)

Members of a family meet up on a hillside in the Yorkshire Dales, not really knowing why they are there. There are plenty of surprises in this eventful comedy; written by Richard James.

Beth - Anne Pope
Joan - Celia Richardson
Rachel - Emily Pemberton
Spencer - Peter Hudson-Gotham
Helen - Emma Davison
Michael - Brandon Robinson
Mr Wilson - Robert Pope

Happy Campers

165 - Green For Danger (2012)

Celia Richardson plays Emmie Wayne, a woman about to be married to a man with an unusual liking for the colour green. All is not what it seems when fiance Edward returns home unexpectedly.

164 - The Worst Day Of My Life (2012)

Charlie Brown's day in hospital begins very well. His devoted wife is at his bedside; a scene of conjugal bliss, that is until another female visitor arrives. When she reveals that she is also Mrs Brown, it looks like Charlie's got some explaining to do. As his previously secret life is hilariously disentangled, a third female visitor arrives, also claiming to be Mrs Brown. You'd think Charlie's day couldn't get much worse - but it does.

163 - Murder In Play (2012)

Boris Smolensky's budget repertory production of "Murder at Priorswell Manor" is looking decidedly shaky. The cast are more interested in their egos than the play and life imitates art when someone is murdered on stage!
Renee Savage - Delaine Wood
Tim Fermor - Ben Leese
Ginette Vincent - Jenni McMahon
Christa d' Amato - Celia Richardson
Sophie Lawton - Emma Davison
Harrison Bracewell - Robert Pope
Boris Smolensky - Mark Bailey
Pat - Kate Burrow
Graham Bond
Stage Manager - Ken Tunstall
Prompt - Jill Hackney
Set Design - Graham Bond/Ken Tunstall
Set Construction - Graham Bond/Ken Tunstall & Society Members
Lighting - Chris Munden
Sound - Mike Bond
Costumes & Properties - Anne Pope
Front Of House  - Malcolm Naylor & Team
Refreshments - Society Members
Sweets - Kate Fletcher
Fire Officer - Graham Bond

162 - Out Of Focus (2011)

An unfortunate over-booking results in a gathering of a wonderful mix of local characters, ranging from the Vicar's wife to a man intent on delivering a talk on steam locomotives to anyone who will listen! They eventually unite to try to produce a pantomime but, as rehearsals proceed, alliances are formed and switched as the opening night nears. Events culminate backstage after the final performance.

Helen Beever - Kate Burrow
Sue Dixon - Emma Davison
Evonne Duckworth - Anne Pope
Kath Enfield - Judie Beech
Bob Enfield - Graham Bond
Leonard Trotter - Andy Dixon
Wayne Bryant - Ben Leese
David Wright - Mark Bailey
Linda Hammond - Isabelle Bridgewood

Leigh Colclough
Angela Dale

Stage Manager - Robert Pope
Prompt - Delaine Wood
Set Designers - Graham Bond & Ken Tunstall
Sound Technician - Mike Bond
Lighting Technician - Chris Munden
Properties - Liz Howle
Front Of House - Liz Heap/Margaret Heap/Betty Ball/Jill Hackney/Ken & Shelia Tunstall/Doris Page/Ruth Barker/Kate Fletcher
Sweets - Anne Pope
Fire Officer - Leigh Colclough