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For over sixty years, Biddulph's amateur dramatic society has tread the boards and entertained the people of Biddulph with their productions. You can join us! Whether you wish to act in a production yourself, or help backstage, visit the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

146 - Laugh? I Nearly Went To Miami! (2002)

When Tom Weals, an Elvis Fanatic, and Alice, his fiancee, are unable, due to fog, to fly to Miami for an Elvis Presley Convention, they arrive back at Tom's flat to find that they have inadvertently picked up the wrong suitcases at the airport and are now in possession of half a million dollars. Further confusion arises with the arrival of, firstly, Tom's flashy brother Barney, who is hoping to use the flat to seduce Muriel, his latest girlfriend and is none too pleased to find Tom at home, then Alice's eccentric Auntie, with a bag containing $20,000 (a wedding present for Tom and Alice), then Frankie, a thug working for the owner of the suitcase dollars, whom Tom and Alice assume is a member of the local constabulary, and finally, Inspector Hendy, a real policeman, who somehow manages to sort everything out!

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