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Welcome to the Biddulph Players Website!
For over sixty years, Biddulph's amateur dramatic society has tread the boards and entertained the people of Biddulph with their productions. You can join us! Whether you wish to act in a production yourself, or help backstage, visit the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

112 - The Day After The Fair (1990)

Anna, a servant, meets an attractive stranger from London, Charles, a budding barrister, at the country town fair. Illiterate Anna persuades her mistress to carry on a correspondence with him on her behalf. In writing her servant's love letters, and reading out his replies, the mistress falls in love with Charles and he with her. Charles, innocent of the deception, proposes to Anna. Only when it is too late does he discover the true writer of the letters. On this shaky foundation the couple start their marriage, leaving the mistress desolate.   

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