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For over sixty years, Biddulph's amateur dramatic society has tread the boards and entertained the people of Biddulph with their productions. You can join us! Whether you wish to act in a production yourself, or help backstage, visit the Contact page for details of how to get in touch.

040 - Wanted: One Body (1964)


Old Mr Barraclough is dead leaving a vast fortune to be split between his stepdaughters and his staff, however his body has been stolen, then both step daughters die iin mysterious circumstances. Everyone has a reason for wanting them dead due to the sisters habit of bribery and blackmail, but who did it? The aggressive chauffeur? The victimised secretary? The dippy maid? The insane undertaker? Or the deaf and blind Doctor? Its a ripping good yarn full of sliding panels and trap doors with half the cast immersed in the thriller and the other half running riot.

Trevor Lancaster
Arnold Williams
Barbara Howells
Harold Whalley
Pauline Ault
Eddie Cook
Doris Page
Melva Copeland
Cliff Ellerton

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